Anushka Sharma hots up Istanbul during shoot
05 Mar 2013 –

Anushka Sharma had to wear a sleeveless dress for a shoot even in freezing weather

While the Indian subcontinent is reeling under a heat wave, Istanbul is freezing cold. And Anushka Sharma, who was in the Turkish big city to shoot for a magazine feature, had to bear the brunt.

A source says, “It was very cold in Istanbul while she was there for a shoot. The entire crew was covered in layers of clothes. We were taken aback at what Anushka was given to wear. Her costume for the shoot was a red coloured sleeveless dress with a thigh-high slit. While we all gasped, the actress didn’t even flinch!”

Turkish photographer Cihan Alpgiray shot with the actress and was apparently impressed with her enthusiasm.

anushka sharma

The source adds, “Naturally, Anushka too felt cold but she never showed the discomfort on her face. In fact, after she finished the shoot the crew stood up and applauded her. The international crew too holds her in high regards. The entire team had a lot of fun.”

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