Guess what the USP of this kissing scene in ‘Peekay’ is!

Anushka Aharma in red

Guess what the USP of this kissing scene in ‘Peekay’ is!
Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor will not like this news! Their favourite lady love, Anushka Sharma, will apparently soon indulge in some hot PDA with Aamir Khan! But fear not lover boys, it’s only for their upcoming Raju Hirani film ‘Peekay’. According to our source, “A hot kiss will be shared between Aamir and Anushka and guess what? It’s going to be a super-long one! In fact, it will be the longest kiss Aamir has ever enacted on screen. Surely it’s going to be a record breaking one for Anushka too! And going by the way things work around Aamir, it’s going to be a very beautiful kiss.”

The script of ‘Peekay’ supposedly demands this kiss and keeping in mind how gracefully kissing scenes are shot when Aamir is concerned, it can’t be deleted from the film. As of now though, everyone is hush-hush about the kiss so it doesn’t become the highlight of the film!

Our source continues, “Interestingly, Anushka didn’t have any inhibitions or jitters about kissing a senior actor like Aamir. So director Raju Hirani was needlessly was worried about convincing her!”

If Anushka has any doubts, she can always refer to Aamir’s kissing scenes in ‘Raja Hindustani’!
01 March, 2013 –

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