A land where the victim dies and the perpetrators live

Mark this day as the day we were let down by our country and country’men’, I am ashamed and so so angry and broken that I live in a country where human life has such little value, actually NO value, RIP, you are a hero. We should blame ourselves too, for being complacent with the happenings around us till such an extreme case is brought to light.India fought for its independence, revolutionaries sacrificed their lives. Are we independent? Of what?everyday women are tortured. children are tortured. we are made to shut up and not ask questions under those who hold the power. no one is held accountable. It happened under whose sueveilance? Who is accountable?what do we do? Fight the protectors? Fight the perverts on the roads, in the homes? Accept corruption and hypocrisy? Accept mediocracy? Accept torture levied on us by those in power and uniform? Why? Because we fear. Because we do not know our rights. Do we have rights? Rules and rights can be bent by those as and when they want to benefit their pockets ! The loopholes in the system are too many. there is no transparency! There is wrong happening every minute 10 feet away from you. this happens. and women are raped.they die.they commit suicide.they live with it silently in fear. Our anger and our questions are silenced by water cannons ! We are told by some idiots in the government that makeup, tight jeans and cellphones and late nights is the reason. NO ! It is NOT, the reason is that men rape & abuse and get away with it, is because they CAN !! The reason is lack of respect for women in an extremely patriarchal system. Reform this deeply wrong system. please bring back the pride and respect I held so high for this country as an Army officers daughter! I sang the national anthem loud in school, I still sing it in theatres.I want to be proud, but I am not. I am not proud and I will not respect my government. Do they respect us? For few seconds forget who you are what you do and what you earn and picturise yourself sans any one trustable known to you. Do you feel safe? Do you feel you live in a clean environment? Do you feel free? We blame the government, we say they are wrong, we say they failed us ! Of course they did. No second guessing. But so did we,we wronged ourselves and one another.Because we cannot stand united because we do not care about the next person, because we think as long as its not happening to me…

Anushka Sharma twitter

I am safe. You are Not !Remind yourself of this day whenever you see wrong, a day in India where the victim dies before the guilty. Women stand up for one another,respect one another, men be empathetic. The only way to remove this fear and hesitation in standing up is to not fear and stand up. Ask questions, make noise, demand to know our rights, make a collective pledge to treat all women with respect and demand the same respect from others, report crime against women in work places, on roads, stand up for women fearlessly, intervene when women are tormented by words or deeds, report a complaint and ensure it is taken forward with immediate effect, use twitter to report the wrong you see, the media is highly instrumental and influential in bringing forth that which we need to stand united for and demand justice and reforms.there are many journalists on Twitter, if you fear the law and order address your grievances here, to them, post it to actors.sportsmen.to bring it out. These protests across the nation stand testimony to the change in us as citizens, we came together and demanded that which should have been in place already. Even if the value of its citizens is not a serious matter of concern for those who hold the power. These protests have instilled faith that we value one another, this is a start of something big. Remember her and the torture she suffered, let that the be the fuel that ignites our will to fight for change,to live in a country we deserve. Do no wrong. Stand no wrong. Fight for what is right. Do not let the anger die. Let us bring her and many unknown ones like her to justice by fighting till reforms protecting women are written in stone and implemented with impeccable certainty.